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A Few of Our Current Specials

 * Our Sept. Sale: 50% off all Pictures, Lamps, and Accessories

Blue chair 1/2 + ottoman by Lancer  (pictured)  $1,095

 Off white sofa by Bassett  $1260.

Red leather power reclining sofa by Flexsteel  $2,325.

Olive accent chest by Pulaski  $500.

Black metal mirror w/fleur de lis design by Midwest CBK $103.

Black accent chest by Pulaski  $375.

White mirror (31") by RAZ  $130.

Off white queen bed by A.R.T. $699.

Off white dining room set by A.R.T. (68")  1 leaf  $2,610

Small throw rugs $10.ea

4 Select lamps  $15.ea

Assortment of pillows  $4.ea