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Our History
   The year 2017 marks the 65th year of operation in Gallipolis for Tope Furniture Company.  The business originally opened in October 1952 at 242 Second Avenue in the same building currently occupied by Lorobi's Pizza.  It was founded by Earl E. Tope who retired from active involvement in 1998, and has since passed away in the spring of 2011.  "In a way, it was a leap in the dark to start a business from scratch."  said Mr. Tope.  "No guarantees, no customers, no previous experience in store management.  The odds would be against a newcomer to the furniture business, especially with five established competitors in town".  Mr. Tope tried to make the business unique from the  very start.  "I tried to find a niche to set us apart.  Only one of the other furniture stores offered hard surface floor covering with installation.  So in addition to selling furniture, we specialized in the area of selling and installing linoleum, tile, congowall, and formica counter tops.  Later on, again setting us apart, we added carpet, custom drapery, accessories, and interior decorating service."

      After eight years of growth, the business began to suffer from limitations of space and parking, and moved in 1960 to its present location at Second Avenue and Grape Street.  This building has been Paul Haskins' Studebaker automobile showroom and repair garage.  Substantial remodeling was needed to convert the building into a furniture showroom.  Arden Dobson joined the business in 1957, and in 1972 Mr. Tope's eldest son, Thomas Tope joined the business as general manager. 

      In February 1981, the business expanded by opening Lifestyle Furniture at the corner of Third Avenue and Olive Street.  Orininally intended to sell mainly bedding and recliners, the store now offers a wide selection of moderately priced quality furniture for the home.  The store is managed by Mary Shinn/Tope.  The name of the orininal store location was then changed to Tope's Furniture Galleries. 

      Today, Tope's Furniture Galleries provides customers with an opportunity to purchase the area's finest quality furniture in addition to providing carpeting, wallcovering, and window treatments.  The store also offers a full range of interior decorating services to its customers.  (Due to the change in times, Tope's no longer offers hard surface floor covering, tile, congowall, or formica countertops.) 

      David Tope joined the business in May of 2001. 

      Said Earl Tope; "It has been our privilege to have furnished and decorated thousands of homes in this area, and to have so many loyal customers and friends.  It's been a joy to serve all of our customers, past and present."
       Today, the history of Tope Furniture is still the basis for our philosophy. Uniqueness, quality, and service was, and always will be, our goal.  

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